Alipay, owned by Alibaba, the biggest e-commerce company in Asia with
revenue over a hundred billion in 2016, three quarters of what Amazon
made the same year, expanded their business in online payment industry,
a natural move. While WeChat is a social media application developed by
Tencent. It started off as a social media platform with instant
messaging, but later expanded into e-commerce and payment services. In
January 2014, during the Chinese new year, WeChat developed the mobile
application WeChat red envelope which allowed family members to send
money online to each other through WeChat platform. It is the perfect
mix between technology and tradition – sending red envelope that
encloses money during the New Year festival, via your smart phone. When
these “dummy but real” money sit in your e-wallet for too long, you long
to spend them in the real world, and this is how WeChat pay started.


If technologies are not a problem, then what is? I am guessing politics
is the main reason, like it is to many other things.


It has been two and half years since the last time I visited home China,
and like each and every time before, I was blown away by the changes.

  ▲The UK should adopt Chinese payment app technologies (via Global

This time it is not about new commercial development projects or
infrastructure development of urban expansion, it is about the great
convenience that comes to the lives of millions of urban dwellers.
Firstly, mobile money, few people carry cash with them anymore. People
pay the merchants, return money to friends, buying products online all
using one of the two online payment methods: Alipay, or WeChat.

  American political campaigns are generally affordable only by those
who are wealthy or have access to wealthy fundraisers, and cater to the
least informed voter with catchy slogans and sound bites taken out of

But mobile money is not a new topic, it never is. 3 years ago when I
first experienced M-Pesa in Kenya, I was blown away. How come such
convenient mobile money transfer services did not exist in China nor
North America at that time?…It turns out, technology was not the
barrier, it rarely is. Be it near field communication (NFC) or chip
reader, there are far more fancy technologies out there in the fintech
world than needed. M-Pesa uses PIN-secured SMS text messages, Alipay and
WeChat uses QR code, while Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay
shared NFC payment methods.


  Ecommerce giant Alibaba snapped up stakes in domestic supermarket
group Lianhua in May and before that, in department store Intime。
JD.com, which operates a similar asset-heavy model to Amazon, has
outlined plans for a massive bricks and mortar presence。





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  Presently, the U.S。 looks to many countries as though it is only
out to use them, rather than treat them as partners。 China has learned
how to do otherwise, and the U.S。 should, too。

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  Education is the most important foundation that the U.S。 can invest
in, and test scores across the country are rapidly falling behind the
rest of the world。 Instead of having children aspire to become reality
television stars, encourage exposure to productive, high-value

  美国华裔学者Ann Lee曾出过一本书,名为“美国能向中国学习什么”。

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  @ xuankun:

  I‘m always amazed by how people are being so salty when talking
about China > USA。 Well I guess they still need some time to adjust
to the new reality。

  6。 Restrict banks to traditional banking activities。

  Americans have in recent years tended to regard everything different
with suspicion and hostility — and have become narrow-minded。 That is
not who Americans were historically。 America approached the world with
an open mind in a spirit of goodwill and partnership。 

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  7。 Make innovation lucrative for businesses。


  ▲“美国能向中国学习的10个方面”(via Huffington Post)

  Apple Inc。 recently added payment services to its iMessage chat
service, taking a page from Tencent‘s playbook, Ms。 Chan said。




  9。 Embrace soft power。

  For much of China, the QR code — a type of barcode — is the key
that unlocks the digital world。 A swipe of the matrix with a mobile
device lets a user hire a bike, pay for goods and grab a new contact’s




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图片 8



  Companies in the US, where the QR code was dismissed in 2013, now
seem to be changing their view。 Snapchat picked up the idea in 2015,
allowing users to follow one another as easily as their WeChat peers by
scanning each others’ QR codes, and proceeded to facilitate their use
to access websites。 


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图片 11







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  8。 Support technology entrepreneurs。



  2。 Introduce Confucian values and work ethic into every day lives。




  It is how government, celebrities and businesses connect with
customers in the Chinese social media space and post information or
news。 WeChat has more than 20m ‘official accounts’, according to
industry estimates。

  In most parts of China, you can simply carry your phone, which is
enough to get by。 No need for bank cards or cash。 You can also
transfer money to friends, receive payments from employers, order food
and so much more。


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